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Ep:8 Preparations Before we sail The Coral Sea | Sailboat Delivery Indian Ocean – Red Sea Suez Canal


New Video Every other Thursday! Unfortunately due to low battery capacity and rare internet we can do 2 videos per month! soon we hope to make one or more per week.

Before we Leave Sydney we must make some small jobs on the boat.
The boat have been on a mooring for a few months in Sydney and she needs cleaning inside and at the bottom but most important we need to replace the chain that been used a lot through the two years of Zana’s circumnavigation, and ofcourse fill up water and diesel before we head out!
We are super excited to sail to coral sea!

We have been cruising full time and the budget is tight so if you have an offer for Paid crew or Delivery Captain give us a call! you can find our contact details on our website.

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