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EP9 : Sailing from Sydney to Cairns | Easy 20 – 25 knots Downwind Sail | Sailboat Delivery

*New Video Every other Thursday! Unfortunately due to low battery capacity and rare internet we can do 2 videos per month! soon we hope to make one or more per week.

After cleaning the bottom and provisioning, it is time to leave Sydney and sail to Cairns where Kamil joins us until we reach Indonesia!

Kamil met Kleanthis in Gibraltar while he was backpacking around the world, Kleanthis Accepted him as crew and they sailed together from Gibraltar to the Canary islands on our 26 footer “Nala”, On the way they had really rough weather with 5 to 7 meter waves in which Nala’s tiller broke and she lost 2 solar panels from the waves. It was the first time sailing for Kamil and even though he was seasick and out of his comfort zone, he fulfilled all his crew duties and even more! Almost 2 years later the two friends meet again. Kleanthis was the First captain for Kamil and now he is destined to be the last on this life changing Journey of backpacking around the world !


We have been cruising full time and the budget is tight so if you have an offer for Paid crew or Delivery Captain give us a call! you can find our contact details on our website.

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