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Making Of our Trimtab windvane self-steering

Nala’s electric autopilot is miss positioned so it always under-steers on the port tack (it can only give 5 degrees on the rudder).

Though this setup works fine downwind with the sails balanced it doesn’t work very well when i have to tack solo, this is why we are trying to make a Trimtab for our rudder to allow the autopilot to give more degrees and consume less power. On our sea trial the system did not work properly, though the principle is correct i should have use a NAKA 2000 profile for my trim-tab to help it increase the pressure and the flow of the water behind the rudder.

The composite hinges worked well and they are really strong so on the second version i will be making a new trim-tab using foam and NAKA 2000 profile.

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